RESCUE ROCHESTER Standing for Life in
Western New York

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Standing For Life

This picture shows the sidewalk in front of The Highland Hospital where Rescue Rochester members picket   and   pray. This hospital is located at 1000 South Ave. in Rochester, NY and houses an abortion clinic. It once housed The Reproductive Health Program directed by Dr. Eric Schaff. Dr. Schaff used the RHP at The Highland Hospital to conduct clinical trials on various means of chemical or medical abortion. The Reproductive Health Program sought to export abortion training and techniques around the world,especially to the third world nations. Rescue Rochester pickets and prays here regularly.  Dr. Schaff was charged with and agreed to the findings of The Department of Health State Board for Professional Medical Conduct that he falsified patients medical records. he is no longer listed as on staff at The Highland Hospital nor the Strong Health Web Site. Interested in helping? Currently the hospital has The South Ave Women's Services Clinic located in the Doctors Office Building, pictured here. Please contact us.



This picture shows The main entrance of Strong Memorial Hospital located on Elmwood Ave near the emergency room entrance. Strong Memorial labors heroically to safe premature infants in its neonatal intensive care unit while in a neighboring area aborts children in its Termination Clinic. Strong is the home of  Dr. Timothy Quill noted advocate and admitted practitioner of doctor assisted suicide .Strong houses the University of Rochester Medical Center and trains doctors and nurses as part of the University of Rochester's School of Medicine Interested in helping stand for life here? Contact us.


The Freedom of Choice Clinic (not pictured) boasts the specialization of using the  abortion pill as its method of killing.It is housed in a former elementary school building located on Latimore Rd, just a few blocks from Strong/Golisano/ University of Rochester Medical Center.

 Rescue Rochester adds dignity to the lives of baby boys and girls killed at Rochester, NY area abortion clinics by being prayerfully present at the   doctor's office buildings and hospitals where they are killed in decriminalized abortions. Instead of ignoring their deaths, we plead for their lives. Our presence at Rochester, New York abortion clinics brings into the light of public scrutiny the killing that is most often done in secret. We seek to offer help to their parents, encouraging them to choose life. We seek to hold the medical community accountable to the Hippocratic Oath which calls doctors and all medical professionals to "DO NO HARM".
This picture was taken at a Roe v. Wade Memorial Gathering January 22 at Dr. Morris Wortman's abortion clinic located at 2020 South Clinton in Rochester, NY.  We gather hear regularly to plead the cause of those being led to their deaths. Interested in standing for Life here? Please contact us.
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